Anyone interested in visiting is kindly asked to check this page until this notice is removed.

Thank you for your patience.


Personalised guided walking tours are offered to small groups (max. 6 persons), and are strictly by appointment only.

Each visit lasts approx. 3 hours, and costs €60 in total. (So, for example, each member of a group of 4 will pay €15, while each member of a group of 6 will pay €10, and so on.)

Please be advised that, in order to keep the experience as authentic and natural as possible, there are no cleared or paved paths as such at Beara Rainforest, and some areas can be more difficult to negotiate than others. While routes will be selected according to the judged abilities of visitors, it is impossible to entirely avoid stretches that can be a little difficult, and visitors should therefore be reasonably steady on their feet. Sturdy waterproof footwear (wellingtons or mountain boots) is essential, as some spots are very wet underfoot. Portable raingear is also a good idea, even on seemingly good days, as showers can quickly materialise from out of the blue!

Visits can take place in any weather conditions except during very high winds, which create a danger from falling trees or branches. Visitors should also be aware that they will be asked to sign a disclaimer beforehand, accepting entry to Beara Rainforest is entirely at their own risk.

For further information, or to make an appointment, contact Eoghan Daltun at 027 74765 or 086 2176492, or by email at

Looking forward to hearing from you!